IndiaCan English Intermediate
Duration: 90 hrs

For whom:

  • Knows little English, also knows some grammar but not the language structures
  • Wants to improve English speaking to be able to communicate and improve workplace efficiency, gets some exposure to the language & technology around him/her
  • Uses it as a survival tool e.g. School dropouts who dis-continued their education and prefer to acquire job skills and to Start working.
  • Lacks confidence and fluency

Course Outcome:

Students in this English speaking course will enhance their existing English skills in order to participate more successfully in a broader range of academic, work and social activities. After completing this English speaking course, students will be able to:

  • Build fluency and confidence in speech
  • Engage in more complex conversations using a wider variety of sentence structures.
  • Read and write more easily, with better comprehension.
  • Participate in common workplace situations, creating resume and attending interviews for jobs..

Course Content:

  • Essential Language Structures: Sentences in different tenses and forms
  • Personal information, Meeting People
  • Rooms in the home, Cities and Nationalities, Places around town
  • Everyday activities
  • Describing people and things, weather
  • Places around town, Locating places, describing neighborhoods, describing apartments
  • Clothing, colours, shopping for clothing
  • Language and Nationalities
  • Habitual actions, People's interests and activities
  • Describing frequency of action, describing people
  • Feelings and emotions, describing usual and unusual activities
  • Expressing ability, occupations, looking for a job, expressing obligations, invitations
  • Describing future plans and intentions, expressing wants, weather forecasts, telling time, making predictions
  • Past actions and activities, ailments, describing an event, making a doctor's appointment
  • Reporting past actions and activities, giving reasons, giving excuses
  • Describing physical states and emotions, telling about the past, ordering a meal
  • Essential Grammar to improve English speaking
  • Essential Vocabulary to improve English speaking
  • Reading Fluency and Intonation
  • Workplace Plus extended learning sessions for vocational preparation