IndiaCan English Foundation

Course Duration : 50 hrs

For whom:

Beginner / First time learner of English, knows very little or No English and gets very little exposure to the language and technology around him or her.

  • Needs essential vocabulary to immediately start using the language as a survival tool.
  • Needs to earn for sustenance rather than spending on education because of poor economic conditions.
  • Lives with vast cultural, social and language differences within India and has a strong influence of mother tongue/local language, hesitates to speak.

Course Outcome:

Students in this course will gain exposure to and comfort with the cultures and language of the English speaking world with a focus on improving their life skills. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Engage in effective, basic interactions with English speakers.
  • Complete simple tasks like greetings, introductions, and asking and/or answering questions about time, money, numbers, measures, emergencies, etc.
  • Use basic English reading and writing skills.

Course Content:

  • English Language and Culture
  • Social and Civil Etiquette
  • Language foundations (alphabets, consonants, vowels)
  • Sound Patterns
  • Simple Language Structures for basic communication:
    • Personal Information and family
    • Everyday activities and weather
    • Number, time, calendar and money
    • Home
    • Community
    • Describing
    • Food
    • Clothing, colours and shopping
    • The bank and the post office
    • Health
    • Work
    • Transportation
    • Recreation and Entertainment
    • Reading ability
    • Survival Vocabulary