IndiaCan English Advanced

Duration : 90 hrs

For whom:

  • Knows average English, wants to achieve good command over language.
  • Wants to speak fluent, powerful and effective English to be able to communicate in all situations, get exposure to the language and technology around him/her.

Course Outcome:

Students in this course will expand their English language skills to prepare for more skilled academic, professional and civic situations. After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Bring refinement and confidence in speech.
  • Engage in critical thinking and idea-based conversations with others including complex sentence forms.
  • Read and write in complex academic, social/professional situations.
  • Communicate effectively in workplace and employment related activities like meetings, interviews, etc.
  • Be more clearly understood by English-speakers by using a more neutral accent gained through pronunciation, articulation and voice modulation.

Course Content:

  • Advanced Language Structures: Sentences in different tenses and forms
  • Describing present, past and future actions, birthdays, gifts and friendships.
  • Talking about Food, buying food, being a guest at meal time, describing food preferences, describing food, eating in restaurant.
  • Talking about the future, probability, possibility, warnings.
  • Making comparisons, advice, expressing opinions, agreements and disagreements
  • Describing people, place and things, shopping in department store, expressing opinions
  • Getting around town, public transportation
  • Describing people's actions, describing plans and intentions, consequences of actions, job interview
  • Describing ongoing past activities, reporting an emergency
  • Expressing past and future ability, expressing past and future obligation
  • Medical advice, calling in sick, reporting absence from school
  • Describing future activities, Expressing time and duration, making plans by telephone
  • Offering help, indicating ownership, household problem
  • Advanced Vocabulary
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Reading for comprehension and interpretation
  • Pronunciation, diction and intonation
  • Workplace Plus extended learning sessions for vocational preparation