Why Aptech

International careers

The aviation industry has excellent growth prospects both in India & internationally.

Thousands of jobs have opened up at every level & airlines/ airports are looking for talented, trained people in every role - from airport management to ticketing, from cabin crew to cargo handling & ground staff.

At the same time, the hotel & hospitality industry and travel & tourism too are witnessing similar growth.

Range of courses

Aptech Academy is the aviation, hospitality and travel & tourism education brand of Aptech. Through continuous industry research, Aptech has developed a broad range of courses. MBA & BBA Degrees in aviation, courses in airport management, ground staff & cabin crew and diploma courses in hospitality and travel & tourism are offered.

Quality education

Aptech gives great importance to high standards of education. Aptech focuses on providing updated course material, high-quality learning aids & specially trained faculty to conduct its courses.

Personality development

Aviation, hospitality and travel & tourism are service industries. Here, one’s attitude towards people & the desire to help them is most important.

Grooming, poise & fluency in spoken English are valued in these industries. All Aptech courses include personality development & aspects of customer care as vital components.

Skills such as swimming, table etiquette & soft skills are imparted in the aviation courses. Besides, a certificate course in personality development too is also offered.


Aptech trains students in the same environment in which they will have to work in the aviation industry.

For this, the Academy has invested in world-class infrastructure facilities. For instance, students of cabin crew courses receive ‘live’ training in actual aircraft, while beauty & grooming sessions are held in classrooms fitted with the latest equipment & designed to look like salons.


Industry Accepted Work Experience

Most aviation courses of Aptech include airport internships where students work at the airport & get ‘Industry Accepted Work Experience’ even before they complete their course. In 2008, a thousand students of Aptech completed their internships at leading airports.

Such exposure gives them an edge over other candidates when it comes to getting suitable jobs in the industry.


Job placements

Aptech has an excellent Placements record with full-fledged Placement Teams stationed at it's offices across the country. For students, Aptech conducts inductions, counseling & mock interview sessions to prepare them for job interviews with airlines & airports.