Pilot training

Aptech Academy, in association with Academy of Carver Aviation, offers pilot training leading to the following certifications:

  • Student Pilotís License (SPL)
  • Private Pilotís License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilotís License (CPL)
  • Commercial Pilotís License with Multi Engine (CPL)
  • Commercial Pilotís License with Open Rating (CPL)

The Commercial Pilotís License (CPL) is of 10 monthsí duration. Of these, 3 months are dedicated to Ground Classes at Baramati in Pune, 6 months to flying in Baramati and Karad, and one month for checks & multi-engine flying.


Flying and maintenance training is conducted on ultra-modern aircraft.

The Academy of Carver Aviation has a fleet of 20 aircraft including Cessnas (152/ 172), Thorp (T-211), CTLS and P68C - a mix of single & multi-engine aircraft. The Cessna 152 & 172 are the most widely-used & versatile aircraft in the world for ab-initio training. All aircraft are of vintage 2000 & above and are fitted with the best avionics in the aircraft of this group including GPS, AUTOPILOT, ADF, Transponder (Mode C), ILS, Marker Beacon, VOR and DME.

All the aircraft are instrument-rated as per DGCA requirements. Carver Aviation is the only Academy in India to have 20 live & airworthy Aircraft.

Ground classes

The DGCA prescribes 350 hours of ground classes as a mandatory requirement.

At Carver Aviation, 700 hours of ground classes are conducted to help the new pilot gain proficiency. Additional subjects such as Radio Telephony and aviation-related English are also covered.


  • Boarding & lodging for 10 months
  • Simulator (for Single & Multi Engine)
  • Transport
  • Uniform
  • Pilot Cases (including Aviator Headset Glasses)
  • Recreational facilities

Why Carver Aviation?

  • Faster completion of flying hours
  • Round-the-year flying in Baramati & Karad
  • 396,000 sq. ft. DGCA-approved hangarage
  • Own control tower (ATC) & designated frequency
  • Overhaul facilities
  • Experienced faculty from Indian air force/ aviation industry
  • On-job training on light & heavy aircraft

About Carver Aviation

Established in 1995, Carver is approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India. The Academy offers courses in pilot training, aircraft maintenance engineering and also runs an instructorís school at Baramati in Maharashtra, with another Academy at Karad Airport in Maharashtra.

The training integrates Private Pilotís License, Commercial Pilotís License and Instrument Rating and covers all theory & practical elements.

Carver Academy also has its own control tower which comprises weather monitoring equipment with its own designated frequency.