AAA* certified professional in Travel & Tourism

To meet the global demand for trained & qualified travel professionals, Aptech, in association with Thomas Cook, the global leader in the Travel & Tourism sector, offers the 1-year Diploma in Travel & Tourism.

Why get into Travel & Tourism?

The advancement of technology, the growth of aviation & easy transport facilities and the opportunity to explore new places has enabled people around the world to travel more.

This thirst to explore the unknown & the unseen has led to tremendous growth in the Travel & Tourism industry worldwide.

In 2007, India attracted 5 million tourists from around the world - a growth of 12.35% over the previous year
(Source: Bureau of Immigration).

Apart from traditional business & sightseeing-oriented travel, niche sectors such as medical tourism, cruises, backpacking, etc. too have taken off. The industry brings in huge amounts of foreign exchange; all currencies, from dollars to pounds to euros, are brought into the country by international travelers.

On the other hand, outbound travel from India is growing too. Every year, approximately 10 million Indians travel abroad, with an average growth of 16% in this number each year.

Such growth has increased the demand for well-trained, qualified travel professionals to offer diverse services in this sector.

The field offers excellent opportunities to build an exciting career where you can expect loads of travel, the opportunity to meet new people & make friends all over the world.


  • Class 12/ 10+2.
  • Good communication skills are preferable.


Aptech’s Diploma in Travel & Tourism is an intensive course that covers diverse modules & includes a 2-month job internship.

Course highlights

The course includes a 2-month job internship.


The course fees are Rs. 84,931/-, payable in easy installments.

Career prospects

On completion of this course, students may join the Travel & Tourism industry in diverse areas including Inbound/ Outbound travel - Domestic & International, Product Development, Operations, Foreign Exchange or Sales. They may even choose to start their own travel agency.

Many people in this field get opportunities to escort tours all over the country & overseas.

Young people with drive & capacity for hard work can quickly rise to top positions in this field.

AAA* - Aptech Aviation Academy